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Z-71 Surface Sanitiser

Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser

Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser (also referred to as Zoonocide) is now the 8th generation of the Zoono technology and is our primary surface disinfectant solution.

It is safe for use near people, animals and plants. Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser contains no chlorine, no thickeners,

no stabilisers, no colorants, no dyes, no fragrances and no additives. It is also non-oxidative, making it safe for application to a variety of surfaces and materials including metals, fabrics, carpet, upholstery, drapes, linens, wood, plastics, stone, and porcelain.

zoono It is applied as a water-based, food safe product and when it dries (usually in around 10 minutes) it forms a covalent bond with the surface that resembles millions of 'pins' that attract, pierce and kill a variety or pathogens.

And one application lasts for up to 30 days!

And because there is NO resistance to this cellular rupture, there is NO possibility of pathogens developing immunity. This means that, unlike conventional sanitisers that rely on dehydration or poison to kill bacteria, Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser CANNOT promote the evolution of Superbugs.

Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser is currently produced as a 500ml trigger pack / 5 Litre and 20 Litre bulk packs or in 208 Litre drums. It is also produced as an aerosol variant.

Zoono Z-71 Surface Sanitiser is clear / cloudy, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non corrosive and whilst completely safe for humans and animals, is deadly for a wide range of micro organisms including bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses. It has similar "toxicity" levels to that of to Vitamin C so can be used in total confidence.